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Childrens Wall Painted Artwork

Children's Wall Painted Art

Childrens Wall Painted Artwork

We have our own talented in-house Artist who can paint directly to your walls any type of childrens themed artwork which surely delight your little ones.

No matter the theme, the character or the setting, our Artist is highly experienced in canvas and direct to wall painting of all your childrens favorite disney or cartoon character. Our Artist can also take your design and reproduce this for you on any suitable wall or medium. This is a highly popular service at the moment and we are constantly getting requests for Wall Painting Artwork.

We are able to offer our services to Hospitals, Schools as well as all Children's Indoor play centres and Nurseries.

The cost of a wall painted artwork will depend entirely on the size of the painted artwork as well as the complexity of the job. Rest assured, the finished job will leave you amazed. Be sure to scroll further down the page to see examples of our work. Alternatively you can visit our gallery section to see examples.

We are able to provide wall painted artwork anywhere across West London, If you are interested please call today on: 07395 821519

Beautiful Artwork painted directly to the Walls!

Our wall painted artwork is durable and high quality and completed as per your design preferences. The finish is coated with an agent to ensure protection and longetivity too.

From Spiderman, The Simpsons to Cinderlla and Frozen, our Artist can reproduce the magical moments your children have enjoyed on the big screen directly onto their walls, something that will always bring a smile to your children's faces.

If you would like to get Wall Painted Artwork done for a particular room of your home, Why not give us a call today on: 07395 821519 and we'll discuss your childrens wall art work requirements in more detail.


Take a look at a range of Childrens Wall Painted Art Work we've produced to date!

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6 Main Reasons you should consider Wall Painted Artwork:

  • As you can see from the image to your left, the finished painted artwork is amazing!
  • It will liven up the living space in any quarter of your home!
  • It will impress outsiders, guests and close friends!
  • The Children will absolutely love it!
  • What do you paint? Use your imagination - whatever you like!
  • We use high quality durable paints only!

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