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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that despite all that we provide on our website, you may still have some unanswered questions about a particular service we provide or any other questions related to our company. It is for this reason that we have included a FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) section on our website in the hope that should you require any extra information or have any other questions.

Please bare in mind this is a quick Q&A's repository which highlights some of the questions we believe could be thrown at us and is not a substitute for every possible question that may be asked nor is this a replacement for an email or telephone call.House ExtensionsThis is however a place we'd urge you to take a look at before giving us a call just in case you can clarify on something quickly before we actualy meet. We hope therefore that some of your questions may be resolved in this section. Feel free to click the desired service area's icon below to find the corresponding Q&A's.

We hope you find the FAQ's section of our site helpful. If you still require assistance please call us on 07395 821519 and we'll more than happy to answer any of your questions that way.

Childrens Wall Art

Please call us to discuss pricing for wall painted artwork. As each painted art work can vary in terms of size and complexity, we cannot quote you a price until we have understood what you would like us to paint for you.

We paint directly onto the wall itself and do NOT use stickers of any kind.

We mainly use watercolors as they give the best result and produce the nice tones and vibrant colours needed to create the high quality artwork.

No we can print any size that is suitable for indoor walls of the house, though we find the most popular choices amongst families are the childrens rooms. We also offer our wall painted artwork for childrens play centers, nurseries, hospitals, clinics and any other charitable organisation who may wish to approach us for this service.


Pricing is subject to the type of rear extension you require (single storey, double storey etc) as well as the amount of work involved in building your new extension itself. We can only give you a costing for the job once we have physically inspected your property and site of the extension.

This will entirely depends on the complexity and size of the job. Generally speaking, a single storey extension could take any where between 12 to 16 weeks whereas a double storey extension could take between 20 to 24 weeks. It is important to stress, the timeframe required to complete the job to our high standards will depend on the scope of work invovled.

Yes. Visit the gallery section of our website to see some of our work to date, including extensions which we've done for some of our clients. Alternatively you may visit our Youtube Channel to see more of our work. If you wish to see a finished extension job in person then give us a call and we may arrange that for you no problem.

Using the 3 metre rule, all extensions which are one storey must not extend beyond the rear wall of the property. You will require planning permission if the extension exceeds the three metre rule.

Loft Conversions

A Loft Conversion depending on the type, the clients budget as well as the physical attributes of the existing loft space will determine the final costings for a Loft Conversion project. Our experience tells us that prices for Loft Conversions will generally start from around £40,000 but can increase significantly depending on the size of your property (bigger property tends to mean bigger loft..), the type of Loft conversion you're seeking as well as all other interior related work for the loft space. The best way to know what you might be spending on a Loft conversion is to let us inspect the loft space first so we can get a quick idea of what sort of work it will entail as well as understanding your budget. Do also remember, certain properties have building and construction constraints which can play a big part in determining the type of loft conversion best suited for your home.

You will most likely not require planning permission to get a Loft Conversion done for your home as a Loft Conversion for your home is considered to be permitted development. This means you do not necessarily require planning permission, however there are exceptions to this rule so to check whether you need to get planning permission, you can ask a professional building company and architect such as ourselves, to to come and inspect your property and confirm this for you.

Here at Purl Construction Ltd, we will apply our expertise and sound knowledge and inform you what your position is. Having said that, if you do need to get planning permission it will most probably be because the plans exceed some of the limits and conditions which could include extending or altering the roof space beyond its current limits and design.

All our work comes with a guarantee of up to 10 years or more depending on the nature of the job completed. For more information fill out our enquiry form or give us a call to discuss our guarantee information.

You must find out whether you require building regulations approval or not. From experience, almost all Chimney Removals require approval from building regulations. Because of the time and labour involved with removing the Chimney (both internally and externally) we will factor this into the final Loft Conversion Project costings otherwise yes we are able to remove it for you not a problem.

Home Renovations

A home renovation can include a wide variety of interior design, decorating and structural enhancements and therefore can be a big job or a small one. It all depends on what work needs to be done in renovating a property which will determine the cost of renovating your home. We can offer re-painting ceilings and walls, plastering, applying new wallpaper and lighting and much more. We would recommend you call us and a fix a time for us to come and see you to discuss your requirements.

Yes, if you need help with installing any kind of flooring we can certainly assist you with that. Let us know which area of the house you require the flooring to be installed as the number of rooms we cover will add the final price of the work.

We can start as soon as you ask us to start and once you have agreed on the payment terms (deposit) with us on that particular job. We'll usually provide you with a written contract agreement which we'll get you to sign so that we can start the work for you quickly.

Asbolutely. We are highly experienced in bathroom renovations and replacing old tired bathroom suites with new ones. You can visit our Youtube channel to see more examples of bathroom renovations too.

Bathroom Renovations

It depends on what you mean by 'complete'. If by complete, you are referring to a replacement of your existing bathroom suite, decorating and plastering of the walls with new tiling as well as installing new flooring etc then yes we are more than happy to undertake a complete bathroom renovation for you not a problem.

Yes we can do that for you not a problem. Please make sure you have purchased the tiles you would like us to use for the bathroom in advance.

Yes our builders are happy to undertake underfloor heating installation work for you if you would like us to help you in that area. We can do this for bathrooms and other areas of your home and for a reasonably good price. Let us know your requirements and we can discuss further.

Yes we can install walk in showers for you not a problem. Make sure you have the Walk in shower kit purchased and ready for us to fit though, as we try to avoid going on shopping trips for our customers.

Kitchen Renovations

It all depends on how much work is required and what you'd like us to cover in the kitchen renovation work. Rest assured, a kitchen renovation price is subject to what what work we'll be undertaking. The best thing to do is arrange for us to come and visit you and inspect your kitchen and discuss with you what you'd like done. This way it will be easier to offer you a quote on the work involved.

Unfortunately we can only offer you an estimate once we are confident you will be getting work done by us. We also need to speak with you in detail about your budget and requirements. This will enable us to give you an estimate more easily.

No. This is something we do not provide as a service as we are not certified interior designers so to speak. The choice of layout, the design and type of kitchen units you go for is your decision and if you require assistance in this area its best to always visit a kitchen showroom or discuss it with the kitchen fitters. We can arrange for you to speak with Kitchen fitters if you wish but ultimately the design and layout will be your decision and yours alone.

We recommend you get the flooring work done BEFORE you start getting the kitchen renovation work done. This is for convenience and also makes sense since we favor starting from the ground up with all work including a kitchen renovation. Having said that, if you have had new fooring installed we can come and have a look at your current kitchen area and see what we can do for you nonetheless. Most likely we will try and seal of the floor with some sort of covering and to minimise exposure to dirt and debris but be advised we cannot guarantee the flooring won't be subject to some levels of exposure despite our best efforts. This is why we tend to advise and encourage customers to get flooring done AFTER a complete new kitchen renovation and fitting is completed.

Home Decor

We do, but we will charge you for this if its part of a home renovation job. The reason being, the time and labour required to prepare the walls gets factored into the work and final costings. You are more than welcome to undertake this work yourself if you feel you can get the walls and ceilings prepared for us. If not, as pointed out we can undertake this for you not an issue but with additional charge.

It is your responsibility to make sure all valuables, houseware, items, upholstery etc is protected prior to our builders commencing work. We of course will take the steps required to help you in this regard however please be advised that we will not be moving anything unless you give us your consent to do so. We always keep things tidy and remain considerate to homewoners when it comes to their homes.

How big is your living room ? may we come and see the space first before you give you a costing for the job?

Again, how many rooms are we re-decorating and how big/small are they ? These two things will determine how much it will cost to re-paint and re-decorate your upstairs rooms.

Roofing Services

Yes we can most certainly help you there. We will need to arrange to come and vist and inspect the extension itself, and see where the leak is occuring, the existing damage as well as assess the best possible course of action. It may very well be that a repair of some sort is required or a complete new roof or even a new extension if you feel its best to start from scratch.

Our builders are vastly experienced in undertaking all types of roofing repairs and roofing jobs. If you require us to install new tiling for your roof let us know which part of the propertys roof needs re-tiling. Once we understand the size of the job, we'll quote you accordingly.

Let us come and assess the damage caused by this rot, the severity of the rot itself and what options you have. If the rot is bad we may need to consider new roofing installation.

We install Fibre Glass Roofing and can provide you with the Matrix Certificate to give you assurance the work will be of the utmost high standard. Let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to discuss the various choices you have based on your budget and needs.

Plastering & Rendering

Plastering is the process used on inside of your homes walls, all interior sections of the house walls basically. Rendering is done on the outside of your house walls. Both involve the use of similar materials usualy plastering sand and cement.

We have been asked this question before. The cost to render an entire property from the front, rear and sides is dependent on the size of the property itself.

Yes. Coloured rendering is popular amongst certain property owners and saves you the hassle of having to paint onto the wall itself. Let us know if this is something you'd like us to do for you and we'll be more than happy to carry out a rendering job of the highest quality.

It could help, or it may not help. We must assess the damp walls and identify a few things. One of the things we'll need to assess is the type of damp you have. We'll also need to take a close look at what sort of damage may have been cause by the damp itself. Once we have done these things we can proceed with the required work needed to be done.

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