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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Professional Bathroom Renovations in West London

Kitchen Renovations can boost the living comfort and overall living experience for any home. At Purl Construction Ltd, we can undertake all Kitchen installation and fitting and carry out any kind of renovation which you require to your existing kitchen.Our team is highly experienced with all manner If your requirments involve both an extension of your kitchen quarters as well as complete re-design and installation for new work units and Kitchen gas appliances we have fully trained and gas safe certified staff on hand ready to start the job and finish it to a very high standard for you.

If you desire, we can create the entire bathroom suite ourselves, and will come up with a design which will work best for you irrespective of the space constraints. All our bathroom suites are built to a high quality standard and will stand the test of time but more importantly will look beautiful and stunning.

Since we are a friendly consultation orientated company, we love to engage our clients and listen to their ideas whilst offering suggestions on how best to make use of existing space and even guide you with the overall asthetics, look and feel of the Kitchen. This will ensure that even if you are not fully sure of what you're looking for design wise, we can speed up this process for you.

If you live in Southall, or any where in the Ealing Borough and are interested in having a high quality Kitchen Renovation, call today on:07395 821519

Specialists in Kitchen Renovations

To commence the kitchen renovation, design and installation process, our designers and planners will speak with you beforehand in a consultation and will seek permission to obtain the measurements of your kitchen space area. Once we have this, depending on the size and nature of the job, 3D plans may or may not be provided to you. This plan will require your approval but don't worry you approve or amend this plan prior to us starting any work.

If you are concerned about your budget we can make this process seamless by working with you to reach an agreed price that works best for you without compromising on the finished end result.

We are specialists in Kitchen Renovations across Southall West London. Why not give us a call today on: 07395 821519 and we'll discuss your home renovation requirements in more detail.


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